Project Pay It Forward Grants for Youth

to Reward & Empower Youth to Pay it Forward!

Project Pay it Forward inspires youth to realize their true potential to make a positive change in the world by volunteering and supporting good causes in their community. Our mission is to encourage the youth to volunteer and participate in community service, for its many personal benefits as well as societal benefits. We support youth involvement in their communities by offering easily accessible character education curriculum and resources to educate and inspire youth to volunteer, our Project Pay It Forward documentary, grant programs for youth paying it forward and community events to promote and raise awareness for causes that support youth involvement.

Our Character Education curriculum fosters positive youth development, inspires youth to volunteer, and is provided at no cost for students, educators, school programs and youth organizations.

The curriculum includes lesson plans, activities, other educational materials and resources, and interactive platforms for youth participation as well as grant opportunities to support youth-led initiatives to pay it forward.

Community Events to Support the Youth

Our Community Event in Manhattan brought together nonprofit leaders, local representatives and educators to support youth paying it forward and raise awareness of several nonprofit programs making a positive impact in the community.

We are very pleased to have given a $500 grant to the Green Team students of Millennium High School, the environmental after-school club that sparked an urban farming movement with The Battery Conservancy, to support and empower their youth-led initiatives to pay it forward.


Educational Videos

The Project Pay it Forward documentary film features youth and nonprofit organizations helping other people and uplifting their communities, illustrating with real stories the scientific evidence that proves paying it forward can and does work to change the world, and yourself.

Why Video?

Research studies recommend video to appeal to adolescents as a powerful communications tool to engage students and produce positive attitudes towards learning. Using video to teach character education has shown tremendous improvements in students' grades as well as their attitudes.


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It doesn’t take money to make the world a better place, you can simply share and let your social media network(s) know about our movie and who we are helping. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, etc… it is much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Project Pay it Forward is produced by the Student Body of America Association, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization operated for educational purposes. Our mission is to provide easily accessible information and resources to support students in achieving an education, and to guide students to apply their knowledge and skills to make the best decisions on an individual and societal basis.

All donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by state law.

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