Corporate Mentorship Program

We have just launched our Corporate Mentorship program where all businesses, big or small, can help give back to the youth and their community. An investment of time or money by your business and employees can help make a positive impact in so many young lives.

Collaborate with us and implement your skills, talents and passion to help mentor and guide the youth through our Character Education Life Lesson Plans and more. By partnering with Project Pay It Forward, you will be paying it forward and contributing to the future of the next generation.


Below are only a few benefits of many that everyone who participates in our Project Pay It Forward programs will enjoy:

For the Youth-

  • • Improve their sense of belonging
  • • Instill a sense of community
  • • Promote the spirit of "Paying It Forward"

For the Mentor-

  • • Brand your business with a good cause and enjoy the "halo effect"
  • • Help support youth and education to start building a brighter future
  • • Give Back!


Contact us below to get started! By partnering with Project Pay It Forward to participate in our Corporate Mentorship program, you and your business will be maximizing your power to change lives and make a difference!

In addition to this flagship program, there are several other ways you and your business can collaborate with Project Pay It Forward. Please contact us below for more details about our Business Diplomats program to reach out to the community via your business and use cause marketing to help us support children and education.