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A Community Event


he Project Pay it Forward film screening event on November 23, 2014 in Manhattan brought together nonprofit organizations, community leaders and educators to support youth paying it forward and raise awareness of several nonprofit causes and community programs making a positive impact in New York City.


Project Pay It Forward Event


Amy Mintz

Founder & President of Student Body of America Association, Amy Mintz started the Project Pay It Forward program to inspire the youth to pay it forward.

Dr. Stephen Post

Dr. Post founded The Institute for Research on Unlimited Love and speaks widely on themes of benevolent love and compassionate care at the interface of science, health, spirituality, and philanthropy.

Warrie Price

In her capacity as president of The Battery Conservancy, an organization she founded in 1994, Warrie has built partnerships with city, state, federal agencies.

Paul Hovitz

Paul Hovitz is Co-Chair the Youth and Education Committee and his service to Community Board #1 spans over 22 years and includes creation of seven new schools in the community.

Yume Kitasei

Chief of Staff to the Council Member

Yume Kitasei

Yume Kitasei is the Chief of Staff for Council Member Margaret S. Chin, the elected representative for the 1st Council District (Lower Manhattan).

Lisa Zullig

Lisa Zullig, MS, RD, CSG, CDN is the Director of Nutrition Services at God’s Love We Deliver in New York City, a food and nutrition program for people living with serious illnesses.

Deborah Soffel

Deborah Soffel, personal chef and culinary educator, is the founder of The A,B,Peas of Cooking, and a chef liaison with Wellness in the Schools at PS3 and PS41.

Jared Spafford

Dedicated advocate for food security and sustainability. Culinary Arts Director at Drive Change/Snowday, Meat Hawker at Flying Pigs Farm. Chef, artist, and mentor.

Cheryl Blayblock

Cheryl Blaylock is the Director of Youth Programs for Trees New York. She uses her talents to bring the science of trees to life for young people.

Joyce Kong

Millennium HS Educator and Green Team Advisor, Joyce lead and supported her students in starting the urban farm at Battery Park.

Colin McEvoy

Colin McEvoy has worked at Millennium High School since its founding in 2002, and took the helm at Millennium High School as Principal in 2012.

Meg Maley

On-camera host and correspondent based in NYC.


Celine is a student at Millennium High School and member of the Green Team.


Cody is a student at Millennium High School and member of the Green Team.


Gabby is a student at Millennium High School and member of the Green Team.


Melinda is a student at Millennium High School and member of the Green Team.


  • Student Body of America Association
  • Millennium High School
  • Battery Urban Farm
  • God's Love We Deliver
  • Drive Change
  • Trees New York
  • PS3 Charrette School
  • Heinemann
  • Office Depot Foundation