In Fall 2014, Student Body of America Association screened the Project Pay It Forward film for students, educators and nonprofit leaders.

Here’s what they had to say about PROJECT PAY IT FORWARD:


I thought a lot about PROJECT PAY IT FORWARD after watching the film. I also did some digging around in our school district. I realized that there really is no concerted effort or really no consciousness about volunteering. It is just not on the tops of minds of students. I think putting this subject in the minds of students is a good thing.
— School Principal

Educators know that students who are socially aware tend to do better in school, they tend to be peer leaders… Encouraging kids to volunteer is like an investment in the student body. Get these kids out there volunteering and the results are exponential. It’s all good.
— High School Teacher

Kids care about the 'feel-good' they're going to get by helping someone less fortunate. At the end of the day, they want to feel good about themselves.
— Middle School Teacher

My son and I just watched it together and loved it! It really comes together in a super way.
— College Professor


Wow you guys know how to put together a video! I found it very engaging and educational.
— Youth Organization Leader

I really like the preview. So well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
— Nonprofit Founder


I really liked the comic theme of the movie! I thought it was a powerful way to deliver the message in a way that really sticks with the audience.
— Student

Corazon de Vida was my favorite part of the video. I liked how it didn't focus on the sad aspects of the orphanage, but instead focused on what was positive.
— Student